M.U.R.A.L Chicago, formerly known as the Lupe Fiasco Foundation, and Renee's Raw Chocolate are teaming up to elevate Chicago.

From now until January 1st, 2017 15% of Renee's Raw Chocolate online sales will go to M.U.R.A.L, whose mission it is to empower inner-city youth as artists, activists, and global citizens. The money we raise will be going to their Food Justice programs, which promote health in food deserts on the south and west sides of Chicago. 

At Renee's Raw Chocolate our mission is to spread conscious nutrition and transform the world's view of chocolate. Our chocolate is packed with nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants; it opens your heart chakra,  increases brainpower, and reduces stress. Our cacao beans are never processed, heated, or changed from their natural state. Organic, raw, with no dairy, gluten, or added sugars. This is chocolate you can eat everyday. And, the fact that it comes in bulk means less waste- our box is equivalent to 8 normal sized chocolate bars.

Buy some for your family and friends this holiday season! Or, just for yourself! Gift health, gift contribution to the community, gift some really delicious chocolate.  

Our goal is to raise $12,000 for M.U.R.A.L, which means 3,000 boxes of chocolate sold.

Let's make this the most magical holiday season together.

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